Thursday, March 3, 2011


Last week I was the the lucky recipient of a growler of Longwood Brew pub IPA. Thank you Sue! As you can see in the photo a growler is a large bottle, at 64oz it is essentially two liters. A bit more than I can drink in one sitting! This IPA is very good, hoppy without being over bearing as many IPA's have become. You may notice this beer is not crystal clear, this is because they choose not to filter the beers at Longwood. You can read about their brewing process here. This may be a tie for the best IPA I have had to date, the other a home brew by D F who makes his beers from scratch malting the grains etc. If you are traveling through Nanaimo you really should do yourself a favor and stop by Longwood to pick yourself up a growler or two!

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