Monday, April 18, 2011

First long one

Yeterday was our first long ride of the year, so fTom, Alien, Prospect and I headed out on a planned 6 hour tour of Snowden. A 10am start at my house we met ftom a couple klicks into the ride, We planned lunch at Loveland Bay but stopped at the top of Lookout loop to be in the sun.

                                                      I need Lunch!

We had been told the trails out this end of Snowden had been cleared of windfall the previous weeekend, but such was not the case as we remouved more that half a dozen trees and many branches.

                                            Alien showing how to clear trail!

                               Prospect doing his part while ftom looks on in envy!

                                             ftom ripin, Prospect lost his bike!

                                          Prospect, bike found leads Alien

We stopped again at Loveland Bay for another snack then headed home, the days route consisting of Beaverlodge through Campbelton to Pump House Trails, running short on time (we were meeting the girls at the rectangle parking lot at noon) we did a short stretch of road to Stickman, Mudhoney , Lost Lake to Rectangle where the girls joined us for Riley Lake, up Gunbarrel down Headbanger, up Riley Lake in Rabbit Hole out Cheshire Cat to Lookout Loop (the girls continued on Cheshire) from Lookout we went out to Dinner for Four, to Loveland Bay via the Loveland Bay connector.
                                           The boys docking at Loveland

The return was Loveland Bay connector to Rail Trail to 10 Licks to 11th Lick to Frog Legs, Escargot Lost Frog up the road to Aliens a beer and back through Campbelton and Beaverlodge to home for a total of 65.2 Km. All at a mellow pace and with all the trail clearing food/beer stops it was seven and three quarter hours of fun! Alien had a few of us over later for beers and meat on a stick around a fire to watch the full  moon rise, not a bad day.

Boy have I got a lot to learn!

I have been learning to use my new camera, I have never been a photographer as you can see from these photos but I am trying. Almost every photo on this blog has been taken with my Panasonic GF1 m 4/3 camera. I am also learning to use Corel Paintshop Photo Pro X3 to "develop" my photos. I would appreciate any comments on the photos below.