Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Summer Adventure Ride

When I started this Blog I thought I would post a little more often than I have, but it is what it is. I sent out an e-mail asking if anyone wanted to do an adventure ride. No guaranties but I was sure there would be mud, creeks to cross and bush!
Hogboy crossing the Oyster River

Three of us, myself, Alien and Hogboy set out for a planned six hours or so, six and a half hour later we had crossed two rivers, swam in one lake, rode logging roads, single-track, and game trails. We pushed our bikes through brush so thick you couldn't see five feet, and wandered into a massive swamp while following a game "trail". The battle cry "I'm still on!" became a challenge and notification a section was a "go". In spite of not carrying any maps I had little fear of getting seriously lost, I had been through much of the area years before just not this exact route. There was one scary moment in a very dark section of forest on a dead end trail, Alien screamed, I bolted off in the direction we had came, leaving Alien shreaking like a school girl, I had no idea where Hogboy was. Safe back on the logging road the screams now a muffled by the forest, I had a snack and waited, would the others emerge alive!
Turns out Alien called Hogboy a "docker", taking offense Hogboy had pulled out his penis and chased Alien about the forest! Glad I missed all that!
Alien crossing the Oyster River
Elk "trail" notice the Surly Karate Monkey w drop bars the best adventure bike setup!
Mud! In a swamp? Go figure.

Not sure the name of this river, I crossed first to the right then suggested a wetter line! Alien is still ON!
Hogboy bibshorts and beer, pre swim he has a style! He is strutting for the fishermen in the lake!
Our ride finished up with a few k of this.
It was a very worth while day, only a few toads died and we all declared it one of the best days ever!
Next adventure ride needs to be an over-nighter, perhaps in winter with a snowshoe component, any takers, I'm still ON!